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Home, Garden & Holiday

Is your next barbecue or camping holiday coming up and you still need a suitable roof? Don't wait any longer and design your versatile outdoor space solution now.

Want to create your very personal oasis of peace?

We make it possible.

  • Foldable balcony tents,
  • garden tents,
  • camping tents,
  • pool tents and
  • beach tents

are the ideal solution for every moment of relaxation. They not only add a special touch to your personal retreat, but also serve as safe protection from the sun and rain. 100 % waterproof, stable and with reliable UV protection.

Event tents
Suitable for large events or small celebrations
4x4m Faltpavillon in der Farbe Ecru als Street-Food Zelt im Einsatz mit
Street food tents
Compact transport and ready for use in no time at all
Wedding tents
Everything has to be perfect for such a special day
Construction site tents
To keep your construction workers and machinery dry
Canopy tent for charity activities
This is a safe way to draw attention to your initiative
Barbecue tents
For balmy summer evenings
Conopy tent for motorsport
For long days on the track
Medical tent
Robust tents for critical situations
Market tents
Trap on with a fully printed market stall
Catering tents
You are spared the hassle of dealing with the authorities
Promotion tents
Eye-catching colours and printing for your promotion stand
A 15x10ft Ecotent canopy tent printed for Adidas market sales and promotion.
Vendor tent
Protected outdoor sales area
Canopy tents for hospitality
For your elegant appearance outdoors
Canopy tents for motor sports
Roofing for your racing stable
Trade show tents
For your perfect trade fair appearance
Firefighters' tents
When the heat is on
Agricultural tents
The roofing for your machines and equipment
Garden tents
The quick space solution for your garden
Info point tents
For your visible outdoor info point
Party tents
For an exuberant outdoor party atmosphere
Canopy tent for musicians
For Dj's or large music groups
Swimming pool tent
Relax with UV protection
Canopy tent design center

DESIGN yOur canopy tent

Enjoy the moment, alone or with friends
Fully equipped


Choose from practical accessories to complement your canopy tent.

Find out more
Tent Sidewalls
Base Weights
LED Lighting System

ASSEMBLY in only 2 minutes

Let's start a project!

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