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Showcase Your Brand with a Mobile Trade Show Tent

Ecotent's professional canopy tents are designed to be your go-to solution for mobile trade show presentations. With their quick and easy setup, these tents provide a versatile platform to showcase your brand at various events. Made for indoor or outdoor use, customize your tent with edge-to-edge print and smart accessories. Beyond our customization capabilities, our high-quality construction gives your business the quality and presentation it deserves.


Building Your Trade Show TEnt

Acquiring your ideal trade show tent is a breeze with Ecotent. Our streamlined process ensures that you can have the perfect canopy tent ready for your marketing events in no time. Start with our 3D Design Center where you can take your pick of tent size, sidewalls, colors, and accessories.

Interested in adding print? Our In-House Graphics Team will help you create your custom tent design before providing you with a 3D layout for print approvals.

Start the configuration
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Custom-sized to fit

What size should my trade show tent be?

Choosing the right size for your trade show tent is crucial, and Ecotent offers a range of 11 sizes to accommodate your specific needs, ensuring that your booth or display area is just the right fit. While 10x10ft tents are the most popular, trade show tents come in all shapes and sizes.

First step, check with your convention space or exhibition hall for booth size restrictions, and we'll help you find a tent to match. For larger brand showcases, our multi-tent systems easily combine tents for expansive coverage.

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find the Right Size for Your Trade Show Stand

Size overview
the industry standard

The classic 10x10ft trade show tent

Our 10x10 ft trade show tent is a popular choice, providing ample space and visibility for your marketing endeavors while adhering to most trade show booth restrictions.

Discover the 10x10ft canopy tent
designed to fit your budget

3 Quality Series, 1 Premium Fit

Ecotent offers a selection of three quality series, allowing you to choose the level of durability, features, and customization that best suits your trade show requirements. Whether you prioritize affordability, premium features, or a balance of both, we have you covered.

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Waterproof trade show tents for outdoor use

 Our canopy tents are engineered to withstand outdoor conditions. With waterproof fabrics and construction features, wind-tunnel testing, and UPF 50+ fabrics, our tents make the ideal tradeshow booth for outdoor marketing events. Rain or shine, you can rely on the durability and protection our tents provide.

Learn more about waterproof canopy tents
Waterproof Waterproof
Wind-Tough Wind-Tough
UV Protection UV Protection
Durable Durable
Designed to match your brand

Custom trade show tents

Stand out from the crowd with custom graphics and branding on your trade show canopy. Ecotent offers the option to personalize your tent, ensuring that your booth is not only functional but also leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Printed with your company logo, brand colors or unique advertising messaging, create a trade show booth that stands out from the crowd - even at biggest trade fairs. While rooftop printing catches the eye, a printed, closed backwall can serve as the ideal brand backdrop.

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Sidewall models for your trade show canopy tent

optimal visibility & wind protection

Closed sidewall

Classic. Attached in no time with Velcro straps, the closed side panel is a popular accessory option. On the one hand, it offers all-round protection from wind and weather, on the other hand, it creates additional printable advertising space.

Open Sesame

side panel with door

Come on in! The side panel with roller door invites customers or guests to step inside the canopy tent. The door can be completely opened and rolled up from the inside as well as from the outside by means of two zips.

Everything in view

Sides with window

Beautiful views. The side panel with PVC window allows you to look outside while it protects you from wind and weather. Thanks to the large panorama window, the canopy tent appears brighter and larger, creating an inviting atmosphere.

At waist level

Half-height sidewall

Ideal height. The half-height side panel enables direct customer contact at eye level. About one metre high, it is perfect for sales and trade fair stands. The crossbar with keder profile ensures a simple and stable attachment.

to the good times

side panel with counter

Even more capacity. Quickly assembled and fixed to the tent structure, the counter with its galvanized steel frame and glazed, wooden top is the perfect accessory for catering and event tents.

elegant, on all sides

Corner curtain

Festive. Add an elegant touch to your canopy tent with corner curtains. Ideal for festive occasions - from birthday parties to wedding celebrations.


Bring your ideas to life with the help of our In-House Graphic Design Department. Our team of creatives is ready to help you realize your marketing vision and strategy through smart mobile equipment.

added functionality

Trade show Tent Accessories

Ecotent provides a range of accessories and equipment options to tailor your trade show setup to your specific needs and preferences. From lighting and counters to flooring and signage, we have the tools to help you create a memorable marketing experience.

All accesories at a glance
a product to fit any need

Inflatable exhibition tents vs. classic pop-up exhibition tents

Explore the advantages of both inflatable and classic exhibition tents to determine which style aligns best with your marketing strategy, branding goals, and event logistics. Each option offers unique benefits, and at Ecotent, we have the expertise to help you make the right choice for your specific needs. While a classic pop-up tent can be set-up anywhere without power, the unique shapes and designs of a custom inflatable can serve as a great addition or shelter to make your brand stand out.

Within our in-house manufacturing and Zingerle Group brands, our sister brand, Mastertent® builds custom, high-end inflatables. Between either solution, our Product Experts can help you find the right mobile solution.

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