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Sales and product terms and conditions

Ecotent - a zingerle group brand

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At the Zingerle Group®, we design, manufacture, and sell industry-leading mobile equipment and to better serve our customers we have clear Sales and Product policies that create the best experience possible while you shop, order, and use our products and services across our brands of Mastertent®, Ecotent® and Ruku1952®.

PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING OUR SITE OR PURCHASING PRODUCTS.  The below terms and conditions are always evolving to improve experience, so periodically check for updates.  If you do not agree with the terms and conditions herein, please refrain from site use and product purchase.

Zingerle Group USA, Inc. is the North American organization to a global family of entities that own all rights to our brands of Mastertent® (“MT”), Ecotent® (“ET”) and Ruku1952® (“RK”), including the maintenance of their respective websites as a service to visitors and customers.  All owned brands together with the parent entity are known as Zingerle Group (“ZG”).  Any order and/or business of any kind between ZG (“ZG”, “Seller”, “We”, or “Our”) and customers or other users of this website (“Customers”, “Buyers”, “Users”, “You” or “Your”) is governed exclusively by the following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”). Such Terms and Conditions will constitute a binding contract between ZG and said Customers or other users of this website.

§ 1 Product Information and Prices

1.1  ZG strives to make Our product information readily available throughout Our websites and digital product materials.  Technical, operating and safety information is available through website download or by communications with ZG Sales & Support Professionals (“ZG Pros”), which can be direct employees or agents, as well as authorized Sales Partners.  To request any product information not found on Our website please contact a ZG Pro.  For new communications, we are available by email, phone or online chat during business hours, or any time of day through Our Online Contact or Design Center forms.


1.2  Prices found on Our websites and digital product materials, as available, are typically starting options for products or packages shown, where product pictures may have further sizes and features available at additional costs.  Pricing details and an official offer (“Sales Quote”) are available by contacting ZG, as listed in 1.1, or directly through Your known ZG Pro, that will contain further itemized product and/or complete package prices.  Any advertised product pricing or availability information communicated online, verbal, email, chat, or other, are given for convenience and subject to change without notice until an Order is placed and confirmed as outlined in section 2, Order Process and Payment.


1.3  Online shopping carts (“Cart”) including ZG websites, controlled third-party listings (e.g. Google Shop), or through authorized Sales Partners, may contain select ZG products for on demand purchasing.  In Cart details will outline product specifics, purchase prices, valid discounts, shipping rates, applicable sales taxes, and further information for your review before placing an Order as defined in section 2. During which if there are any questions, Customers are encouraged to contact a ZG Pro for guidance and further process explanation.  


1.4  Sales Quotes will be in writing and delivered to You from a ZG Pro via digital email attachment, or as available through online or text features.  Sales Quotes are non-binding and subject to change without notice.  Sales Quotes will be valid for a designated period therein, typically 30-days from issuance, and all offers, both written and verbal, will have further manufacturing and fulfillment terms and conditions.


1.5  Posted and communicated prices are in U.S. dollars unless otherwise noted and are for the applicable products only.  Prices generally exclude various other costs such as (i) costs for installation or on-site construction to be carried out by Customer, (ii) sales tax, import duties or other government fees applicable to Your jurisdiction, (iii) special packaging, handling, insurance, and any other incidental costs valid for delivery, (iv) and any other ancillary charges that may arise (collectively, “Ancillary Costs”).  Any Customer applicable shipping costs paid by ZG will be estimated prior to Order and confirmed for acceptance.


§ 2 Order Process and Payment

2.1  Customer Orders of ZG products can be placed through ZG Pros (“Rep Orders”), or for select products, by online shopping cart (“Online Orders”) in respective brand websites and various online outlets.  Valid Orders are serviced either directly with ZG or Our authorized Sales Partners, all containing the subsequent policies.  When placing an Order through an authorized Sales Partners, review their additional Order policies that together will create Your full Terms and Conditions.  To proceed with placing an Order:

2.1.1       For Rep Orders, You may accept the Sales Quote, which will create a binding contract, by either (i) online acceptance and confirmation, (ii) written communications indicating acceptance, or (iii) signing and returning a copy of the Sales Quote.

2.1.2       For Online Orders, You may place the Online Order via the applicable shopping cart, which will create a binding contract, by carefully reviewing and acknowledging further self-service Term and Conditions.

Customer acceptance and desire to proceed with Sales Quotes or Online Orders require ZG acknowledgement and confirmation of receipt. To ensure optimal customer satisfaction and processing efficiency, ZG will review, confirm and release subsequent Order Confirmation details back to You, either directly or through Our authorized Sales Partner, at which time the Order has been officially placed.


2.2  Custom Products including but not limited to: printed tent roofs or sidewalls, inflatables, special sizes or features, designed furniture, and unique non-stock items; will have additional pre-Order steps to complete. We will work with You to develop the desired design and configuration, using legally sourced artwork (logos, pictures, licensed material, etc.) to create virtual renderings (“Graphic Layouts”), further artwork details can be found in section 8, Artwork Ownership and Licensing. During this process, Graphic Layouts will be digitally provided to You for review and approval. The final Graphic Layout that You approve for production must be accepted through the same communications manner as the Order process outlined in section 2.1.  Custom Products are non-refundable and have further return conditions detailed in section 5, Satisfaction and Return Policy.


2.3  ZG Invoice and Order Confirmation will contain approved payment terms and conditions, default being immediately due to proceed (“Prepayment”).  Invoices from Order Confirmation procedures will be delivered to You by Our online invoicing and payment system, with secure payment options via credit card, ACH, and other; while Online Orders will create invoices and payment options simultaneous to checkout through the online shopping cart.  Additionally, Customers can select phone payment processing for convenience where ZG follows PCI compliance, or by request can obtain check, ACH and wire instructions for offline payments.


2.4  Payment Terms, such as net 30, and deposit options, such as 50% down, are available with ZG review and approval of the Customer’s account.  We will determine based on credentials includin

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