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After several years of use, your canopy tent may encounter some issues. However, this shouldn't lead you to consider replacing the entire canopy tent.

If you bought your canopy tent directly from the manufacturer, you'll likely find that cost-effective repairs are readily available and quite straightforward. Unlike discounters, DIY stores, wholesalers, or importers, manufacturers typically maintain a comprehensive inventory of spare parts, facilitating swift and hassle-free replacements.

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To obtain the necessary spare part for Ecotent® canopy tents, simply contact us directly. Thanks to the extensive spare parts list, any damaged components can be replaced.

Moreover, thanks to our patented bolt connection system we use to connect individual pieces of the canopy tents, you can easily replace all components on your own.

Many damages can be effectively repaired without any significant challenges. Nevertheless, the decision on whether to opt for a repair or consider purchasing a new structure hinges on factors like the extent of the damage, the size of the canopy tent and the product line. Seek guidance from an expert to determine the most cost-effective solution for your situation.

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The most common damages 

The most common damages to pop canopy tents are:

  • bent scissors
  • broken joints
  • tears in the fabric

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There are different reasons why a canopy tent can get damaged. Mostly, however, the causes lie in the following points:

  • incorrect use (during storms and enormous gusts of wind)
  • improper securing (without weights and tensioning straps)
  • improper transport (roof is not taken off the structure and tents are moved back and forth carelessly)
  • improper storage

When improper storage or transportation practices are involved, it's common to encounter minor fabric damage like small holes or tears, often caused by friction against the structure. If such issues arise, please contact us and we provide solutions for fabric-related problems. Ecotent® canopy tents offer a remedy in the form of a special film that can be applied from beneath and ironed onto the tear, effectively saving the fabric.



To ensure that your canopy tent doesn't get damaged, we recommend following the tips below. This way, you can extend the longevity of your canopy tent:

  • Secure your canopy tent properly: Always use weights and ground anchors to securely anchor your canopy tent, particularly when using it outdoors.
  • Store safely during storms: In the event of strong gusts of wind or storms, it's advisable to dismantle and store the canopy tent according to the provided instructions to prevent any damage.
  • Pack and transport with care: When packing, ensure the fabric is completely dry to prevent mold growth. During transport and storage, check that the canopy tent is securely positioned to avoid any tipping or falling. 
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