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Quick, user-friendly and customizable

Street food tent

Start your business or give it a boost with a new street food stand

A relaxed atmosphere and great people, exploring new cultures and savoring irresistible new flavors. Street food festivals continue to entice many visitors with their irresistible appeal. But what is the secret for food van owners? Standing out and making people’s mouths water with their taste and also their appearance. After all, we eat with our eyes first! Street food tents are ideal, either paired with a food van or as a stand or stall in their own right, as an alternative to a traditional food van. What makes canopy tents so versatile?

They are quick to set up and pack away, with no tools required, and incredibly compact when closed and consequently extremely easy to transport and store. Plus, you can customize them in any way you want - size, color, printing and accessories - turning your street food stand into a genuine work of art. With our canopy tents, you’ll turn heads at every street food festival. Our top quality and manufacturing expertise accumulated over 75 years are combined with a fresh design and cutting-edge solutions. The result? A user-friendly, durable, sturdy, easy-to-use and irresistible street food tent that will attract customers and make your competitors green with envy.

quick and easy

Set-up in two minutes

It takes just three easy steps and in as little as two minutes to set up our street food tents. And no tools are required. Simply open the bag, raise the canopy tent, and you're done!

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Mobility is all in the mobility

Street food tents: an alternative or complement to food vans


Want to share your delicious dishes with others, travelling from festival to festival demonstrating your skills, but don’t want to pay astronomical prices to start your business or compromise on user-friendliness and a professional appearance? Then street food tents are a great alternative to costly vans. They are mobile, durable and 100 % waterproof, perfect for outdoor use, under blazing sun or incessant rain, 365 days a year.

Nice to know

Nine things you should know about street food tents

With street food tents from Ecotent® you are ready for the next street food festival. Convincing across the board, they are also suitable for small budgets. Still sceptic? We'll tell you the 9 advantages of our street food tents.

  1. Inexpensive solution: Street food tents are cheaper to buy and therefore an inexpensive alternative to expensive food trucks.
  2. Effortless transport: The compact packing dimensions and low weight make transport very easy.
  3. Space-saving storage: The small packing dimensions enable space-saving storage when not in use.
  4. Quick assembly: Assembly takes just 2 minutes and requires no tools at all.
  5. Different sidewalls: Different sidewall models allow you to create a customized 360° solution that suits you and your street food business.
  6. Countless personalization options: Full-surface printing on the roof and sides make your street food tent truly unique - in keeping with your overall concept.
  7. Visible advertising medium: The countless personalization options make your street food tent the perfect advertising medium and give you more visibility, even in large crowds.
  8. Practical accessories: A wide range of accessories ensures greater convenience: sides, lighting systems, radiant heaters, wooden counters, weights, transport wheels and much more.
  9. Always trendy and flexible: thanks to the flexibility of the roof and sides, you can equip your street food tent with different sidewalls at any time. Printed sidewalls can also be easily replaced and added to without having to reprint the entire street food stand.
Easier than you think.

Buy street food tents that stand out.

If you’re looking to purchase a street food tent to create a fantastic stall and a sophisticated image, you’ve come to the right place. Our canopy tents will delight you in every respect. Our European quality, expertise acquired through 75 years of manufacturing experience, excellent value for money, fresh colors and fashionable designs will give your street food tent its finishing touch. What are you waiting for? 

Configure a unique canopy tent to ensure your success
Recycling fabric
1, 2 or 3?

Three series to choose from

Depending on the duration and frequency of use, we offer three series, all featuring our signature quality, for all budgets. You can choose which of our three series best suits you and your project.

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Completely waterproof and 100% fire retardant street food tent.

The festival is underway and your stand is busy, but are those clouds on the horizon? No worries: with Ecotent® canopy tents, you’re in safe hands. Our canopy tents are all 100% waterproof. In addition, our Oxford 500D and 250D textiles are fireproof! Whether you want to use them as a shelter for waiting customers, to extend your serving area or for you and your kitchen, our canopy tents enable you to focus on your work while your street food tent takes care of the rest: reliable, safe, solid, certified and user-friendly.

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Fire Retardant Fire Retardant
Waterproof Waterproof
UV Protection UV Protection
Wind-Tough Wind-Tough
personalized with printing as well?

Personalized street food tents: a tempting invitation

Food for the eyes as well: allow your street food tent to whet your customers’ appetites! Printed street food stands are excellent promotional tools, effortlessly increasing visibility and recognition. With your logo or fantastic food images printed on it, your personalized canopy tent will turn heads at any festival. The roof is perfect for your logo, and the sidewalls provide space for patterns and photorealistic motifs. In our graphic design studio, our ambitious graphics team will bring your dreams and ideas to life by creating eye-catching, mouth-watering designs. And if you want to change your style? No problem. There’s no need to purchase a whole new canopy tent: a new sidewall will suffice to give your stand a whole new look. Individual, flexible and versatile.

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User-friendly solutions for your stand

The classic canopy tent is just the beginning. Our wide range of accessories offers endless potential combinations for the complete solution that suits you. Our most popular accessory? Sidewalls which enable you to create your canopy tent with a variety of options: fully enclosed, with door (roll-up), with window (panoramic) and even half-height with a handy wooden counter. Weights and securing kits will take care of your stand's stability even in high winds, and adjustable LED spotlights and heaters will enable you to work in comfort in all conditions. And that's not all: check out our other user-friendly accessories, including transport wheels, rain gutters for our multi-tent system, and more.

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Sold directly by the manufacturer

User-friendly and versatile street food tents

The Ecotent® brand combines 75 years of manufacturing experience, know-how and expertise with extraordinary ideas and creative solutions. The result? Street food tents that turns heads and scream your personality. 100% waterproof, fireproof and customizable. Naturally top-quality, tested and certified. Thousands of satisfied customers can testify to their durability and stability. What are you waiting for? Get your own street food tent, sold directly by the manufacturer. For your business and your success.

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