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Food & Hospitality

Do you work in the catering industry and know the vicissitudes of the weather all too well? Don't fret any longer and create a flexible roofing solution for your service area!

Tailor-made solutions with practical design

Here you will find everything you need if you work in the hospitality industry. Our tailor-made solutions offer you a look that perfectly suits your business and combine it with practical design. We use strong, certified materials that last. Our catering tents will reliably protect your customers while you can fully concentrate on the service.

Discover all the possibilities here!

4x4m Faltpavillon in der Farbe Ecru als Street-Food Zelt im Einsatz mit

Food and Beverage Tents

Bar Tents 
With customizable options like sidewalls, lighting, and branded designs, our bar canopy tents enhance the ambiance and appeal of your establishment. Ideal for hosting events, expanding seating areas, or providing a cozy smoking lounge, our bar tents are the perfect solution to maximize your bar’s potential. Trust our high-quality tents to boost your bar’s visibility and customer satisfaction.


Restaurant Tents 
By adding a protected outdoor space using canopy tents, restaurants can maximize their seating capacity and create a dining experience that attracts more customers during nice weather. Ecotent restaurant canopy tents seamlessly match with your establishment's aesthetic, offering a versatile and practical solution for boosting business and catering to customer needs. 


Catering Tents
With ample space to accommodate guests and customizable options to match your style, our catering canopy tents are the ultimate solution for creating a memorable experience that'll have your guests coming back for more. Dress up your catering tent with elegant corner curtains for a high-end look or add on sidewalls with PVC windows for an enclosed, all-weather solution that can be used year-round.

More Hospitality Tents

Winery Tents

Create a unique experience your guests will never forget. With custom winery tents or “tasting tents”, you can create private tasting experiences, patio seating areas, and elegant outdoor event spaces. These canopy tents offer a stylish and functional solution for enhancing your vineyard's ambiance, providing a comfortable and memorable setting for guests to savor your wines and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


Hotel & Resort Tents

Hotel Canopy Tents

Provide guests with an outdoor experience by offering a hotel tent where they can unwind, relax, and enjoy the outdoors. Adding on outdoor experiences to your hotel or resort can not only enhance the guest experience, but also create inviting spaces for dining, lounging, or special events.


Add on elegant curtains, hotel insignia, scalloped valances and tent ceilings to your hotel tent for a more high-end look. 


Resort Tents

Resort tents make the perfect addition to your guest experience and expand your operations year-round. Whether you call it a resort tent or a cabana, you can create a luxurious experience for your guests with a designated, shaded space for relaxation. Customize with your resort tent with your logo and branding to stand out or use our standard tent colors such as Ecru or White for a simple, minimalistic look that blends into your resort’s scenery.



Travel and Tourism Tents

Boat Tents

Boat tents make excellent additions to personal and commercial boats as well as cruises, providing versatile spaces for both the crew and guests.


For guests, boat tents offer shaded lounging areas, private dining spaces, and sheltered spots for relaxation, enhancing their onboard experience. For the crew, tents create efficient workspaces, storage areas, and weather-protected zones for equipment and activities. Easy to set up and customizable, boat tents improve functionality and comfort on the water, ensuring a more enjoyable and seamless journey for everyone on board.


Cruise Tents

Adding cruise tents to your commercial operation adds a touch of elegance to the guest poolside or sun tanning experience. Perfect for accommodating large families or vacationing honeymooners, our range of cruise tent sizes make them an excellent modular option for commercial lines. Unlike umbrellas, our canopy tents can withstand wind up 70 mph when properly secured – tried and true as the only wind tunnel tested canopy tent on the market.


These tents also create a designated check-in space for cruise lines, commercial boats and water experiences.


Museum Tents

Museum tents provide a unique and versatile solution for outdoor exhibits, educational workshops, and special events. These durable, weather-resistant structures can be customized to create immersive, interactive environments that enhance the visitor experience. Easy to set up and adaptable to various themes and sizes, museum tents offer museums the flexibility to engage with the community in dynamic new ways.


Entertainment and Recreation Tents

Night Life Tents


Club tents are a fantastic addition to clubs and nightlife venues, offering versatile and stylish spaces for outdoor events, VIP lounges, and extended dance floors. These tents create a dynamic atmosphere, providing weather-resistant shelter and customizable lighting options to enhance the ambiance. With their easy setup and chic appearance, club tents can transform any outdoor area into an exclusive and or inviting spot, ensuring guests have an unforgettable night out while enjoying the feel of a premium entertainment experience.


VIP Tents


Design an exclusive experience with a VIP tent for your club. Need privacy? Create exclusivity by adding custom sidewalls to enclose your VIP tent or talk to an Ecotent Product Expert about adding extra ventilation to your tent roof for a smoking or hookah tent VIP experience.


Private Event Tents


Canopy tents are perfect for private events, offering a versatile and stylish solution for any occasion. These tents provide a comfortable, weather-resistant space for gatherings, whether it's a wedding, birthday party, or family reunion. With customizable options for size, color, and decor, our private event tents can be tailored to match the theme and ambiance of your event.

Custom Canopy Tents for Motorsports.
Create your custom tent for F1, NASCAR, truck racing, IndyCar, motocross, and more.
Grill Canopy Tent
Perfect for BBQs, backyard parties, lawns and gardens. Use in place of a permanent grill gazebo on your patio for more flexible coverage.
Biking Tents for Your Race Team
Professional-grade team tour tents, race day tents, and portable bike storage.
Mobile Car Shelter
A flexible solution for your car detailing business, car dealership, or for personal use. Best used as a carport canopy, portable carport tent, portable tent shed and or portable car shelter.
Catering Tents for Events and Parties
Serve and cater to your guests with a food vendor tent, banquet tent or catering tent.
Charity and Non-Profit Tents
Draw attention to your cause using a custom non-profit tent.
Emergency Medical Tents
A mobile tent for on-the-go action. Used for medical emergencies as a first aid tent, triage, sports sideline tent, sports injury tent, drive-thru screening and medical pop-up tent.
Construction Site Tents
Heavy duty commercial tents for construction sites that keep up with you and your crew.
Party and Event Tents
Suitable for large events or small celebrations. Choose from a range of party tent and event tent sizes to meet your needs.
Trade Show Tents
Durable and stylish custom trade show tents. Great for marketing and advertising your brand at events.
Agricultural Tents
Agricultural tents for your farm or business to store equipment, shade your employees and sell at farmer's markets.
Firefighter Tents
Create custom emergency tents for community outreach events and demonstrations.
Backyard Tents
Patio and outdoor tents for your yard. Perfect for garden parties, family gatherings, and cozy outdoor events.
Restaurant Tents
Canopy tents for your restaurant that are perfect as patio tents, bar tents and special event canopies when needed.
Info Booth Tent
Guide and welcome visitors to your events with a mobile info point tent or welcome tent.
Market Tents
Custom market tents for farmers markets, craft markets and vendors.
Motorcycle Tents
Motorsport tents for your racing team - ultimate protection and convenience on and off the track.
Music Festival Tents
Music festival tents and DJ canopies for maximum event coverage.
Party Tents
Versatile event and party tents for a range of special occasions.
Swimming Pool Tent
UV protective tents for swimming pools, providing ultimate poolside shelter and relaxation.
Marketing Tents
Custom printed booth tents and promotional pop-up tents for marketing your brand.
Food Booth Tents
Compact tents for mobile food vendors, food trucks, and concessions.
Patio Tents
Balcony or patio tents that are compact for small spaces.
A 15x10ft Ecotent canopy tent printed for Adidas market sales and promotion.
Vendor Tents
Custom printed tents for mobile retailers and services.
Wedding tents
Everything has to be perfect for such a special day
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