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custom-PRINTED  canopy tents

Design your own printed canopy tent from added logos to full-surface designs.

Transform it into something truly special

The custom canopy tent that inspires

Get your printed canopy tent and stand out!

First impressions are crucial, whether it's a market, a trade fair, an event or simply the outdoor area of your bar or restaurant. That's why the ideal canopy tent can't do without eye-catching, personalized printing that perfectly matches your brand image.


It's not just about a logo or lettering, it's about turning your canopy tent into a unique piece that catches everyone's attention.


If you share this vision, Ecotent® is the perfect partner for you and your business. Thanks to our team of experienced graphic designers and our in-house print shop, we are able to create authentic one-offs in record time. Tell us about your ideas and in the form of extraordinary, customized canopy tents, we'll turn them into reality.

In-House Graphics Team In-House Graphics Team
Creative Ideas Creative Ideas
Customizable Customizable
Reliable Reliable
Our strengths

Much more than a custom canopy tent from a cheap online shop

  • In-house printing
  • Team of experienced designers
  • Decades of experience in the industry
  • Direct customer relationship
  • Printing inks certified with the ECO-PASSPORT
  • Creation of detailed renderings before printing
An example of our 3D rendering

Printed canopy tents

Depending on your needs, we offer you the right type of printing. Make sure your canopy tent stands out by comparing the different printing techniques and finding the one that suits you best!

Photos and graphics in the highest quality

Full-surface sublimation printing

With this great printing process, you can have the roof and the sidewalls of your canopy tent printed with photo-realistic motifs. The sublimation print is scratch-resistant and the colors are vivid and intense. It is the perfect technique to customize your canopy tent and to turn it into something truly unique! With sublimation printing, your design is printed on a white fabric and thanks to a special process, the ink deeply penetrates the fabric. This gives your canopy tent an exceptional look and you can be sure that the print will last and withstand any adventure. 

Logos and Lettering

Thermal Transfer Printing

Thermal transfer printing is the perfect way to bring your canopy tent to life with lettering and logos. And this is how it works: Your favourite motif is printed on a foil and then carefully cut out. Your personal design is then printed onto the fabric of the canopy tent with millimetre precision using a heat press. The result? High quality that will make you stand out from the crowd! This printing process is suitable for every type and color of our textiles.

Many tents, indistinguishable from each other

Screen Printing

If you would like to print the same motif more than once on one or several canopy tents, then the screen printing is the right choice for you. With screen printing, simply designed lettering and logos with clear lines are transferred to a screen printing frame using modern and carefree chemical processes. These motifs are then applied to the textile of your choice with the so-called screen printing squeegee. It is an extremely careful process, which guarantees the production of individual canopy tents with your print motif in the highest quality. 

• In-house graphic design assistance

Thanks to our in-house graphics department, we will design the print for your canopy tent within 24 hours!


custom canopy tents step by step

What is the process for the customization of a canopy tent?

  1. Creativity Forge
    The very first thing you do is find the right canopy tent size, then the textile you want. Decide how many canopy tents you would like to purchase and then tell your contact person your ideas for the graphics. Send us your logo or the photos you would like to print on your customized canopy tent.
  2. Drafts
    Your contact person will pass everything on to our design team, who will get to work immediately and produce both a 2D and 3D design of your canopy tent- everything within 24 hours. This way you can check your future canopy tent from all angles and let us know of any changes you would like to make.
  3. Confirmation
    We adjust the design until you are 100 % satisfied with the result and only then we’ll start with the printing.
  4. Printing
    We don’t only have our own graphics department, we also have a print shop! Therefore, as soon as you have confirmed the graphic design, we will start the production and printing of the canopy tent, which will be delivered within a maximum of 2 weeks.
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