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built-better, go-farther canopy tents

Commercial-Grade Quality Built for Everyone

The ECOTENT® Approach: Quality made for everyone

heavy-duty canopy tents

Waterproof. Fire-Retardant. Robust.

Each Ecotent is designed for people and businesses like you. We craft our sturdy canopy tents to serve as the perfect balance between high-end quality and everyday budgets.

Design your canopy tent now
From Europe From Europe
Sturdy Design Sturdy Design
100% Waterproof 100% Waterproof
Wind-Tough Wind-Tough
And what suits you?

Choose from 11 canopy tent sizes

While every Ecotent packs down to a compact size, options aren't limited when it comes to picking your canopy tent size.



Maximum stability for frequent use • E1

Streamlined, smart technology for your go-anywhere, do-anything canopy tent.

Profile Thickness
Connecting Elements
Maximum stability for frequent use • E1

Streamlined, smart technology for your go-anywhere, do-anything canopy tent.

From $1,120
A stable solution for regular use • E2

Far from mid, our E2 provides fresh designs and easy handling.

Glass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic
Starting from $805
A solid solution for occasional use • E3

Lightweight meets durable. An introduction to the Ecotent® line.

Glass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic
Starting from $595
quick. Simple. Tool-free.

Canopy tent set-up

Just a few simple steps, two minutes flat, that's all it takes. You'll have your canopy tent set up in a breeze, no tools required. 

design your ecotent
ready to make a statement

Printed canopy tents

From adding a brand logo and picking your favorite team colors to creating a 100% custom design, make your Ecotent your own! Our In-House Graphic Designers and Print Shop are ready to offer advice, design assistance, and best practices. 

start your tent design
canopy tents for business and personal use

Tent applications from a-z

How will you use your Ecotent?

Today it’s a garden tent, tomorrow it will be standing on the terrace of your restaurant. It can serve as promotional canopy tent, the day after as market tent. How about using it as medical tent or exhibition tent? Canopy tents are real all-rounders. Mobile, flexible, convertible. The quick assembly, the stable construction and the compact packing dimensions are the basis for many possible uses. As shade and rain protection. During the day and at night. Both for private and business use. And what would you like to use your canopy tent for?

From a backyard tent as a garden retreat to much needed shade on the patio of your bustling restaurant, our canopy tents are the ultimate chameleons. Transform your Ecotent into dynamic promotional stands, bustling market stalls, or raceday equipment set-ups.

With their quick assembly, rock-solid construction, and conveniently compact packing, the possibilities are endless. What's your vision for your canopy tent?

Let's start a project!

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