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Medical tents

Emergencies tents for first aid.

An accident on the motorway. Circulatory collapse at the festival. Devastating natural disasters. In an emergency, every second counts and the rescue services need to be on the spot in time. The same applies to their equipment... That's why our medical tents are the ideal companion for the "heroes of everyday life". Fast, safe and stable. Ready to use no time at all. In just a few steps and without any tools. In an emergency, our rescue tents create reliable protection and enable discreet care and treatment of patients and injured persons. For rapid help. At any location.

Waterproof Waterproof
Wind-Tough Wind-Tough
Fire Retardant Fire Retardant
International Certificates International Certificates

Buy quality medical tents

You want to buy a medical tent? Robust, waterproof and handy? With short delivery times and a top price-performance ratio? Perfect. Our canopy tents score not only with a quick set-up and easy handling, but also with best quality from Europe and attractive prices. Directly from our warehouse to the ambulance. The journey could not be any shorter.

Quick Assembly


When things have to move fast... Our medical tents can be erected in no time at all. In just a few steps. Without tools. Open the bag, put up the tent - done.

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More discretion

medical tent with Opaque sidewalls

You want to treat patients and injured persons discreetly? In a place protected from onlookers? Our opaque sidewalls can help. These innovative sidewalls with zips and Velcro strips allow the medical tent to be completely closed - even at the corner posts. This keeps curious onlookers outside. Guaranteed.

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small helpers for the big ones

The right accessories for emergency tents

Ready for any use. Quick and easy. Quick action is required in critical situations. With the matching accessories, you can adapt your medical tent for any mission in no time at all. Are you worried about stormy operations? We can put your mind at rest. Our canopy tents are all 100 % waterproof.  With the matching weights and securing kits, you can give your canopy tent stability and sturdiness. It is safe and solid. The LED lighting systems and warming radiant heaters are loyal companions for night-time use.

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stable, in every situation

Anti-slip flooring for medical tents

A solid base. Our non-slip floor is perfect for emergencies. It is made of a non-slip Comshade fabric and is attached to the base of the canopy tent’s structure. It provides the perfect base for emergency and rescue workers, it is absorbent and easily binds liquids. Also blood.

an all-rounder for all cases?

The right gazebo size for every application

At Ecotent® you can choose from a total of 11 standard sizes for your medical tent.

With the right equipment and the right size, your canopy tent will become a valuable helper and faithful companion for every use. The most popular sizes? Clearly the 10x10 ft and the 15x10 ft medical tent. And if you need something bigger? Then the big canopy tents measuring 20x10 ft and 26x13 ft have proven themselves.

The best thing is that all sizes can be easily combined with each other. This means you can expand your medical tent as you wish, even during an operation. In a matter of seconds. Without tools.

To the sizes

Medical tent sizes

The big advantages of foldable medical tents? The low weight and compact packing dimensions. There is enough room for medical tents in every emergency vehicle.

Size overview
Versatile and handy

Medical tents in action

Always on the spot. Versatile in their use and equipment. Our canopy tents are suitable for any kind of use:

  • as mobile first aid tents at accident sites
  • as stationary first aid tents at concerts, festivals and other events
  • as supply tents at natural disasters
  • as fire brigade tents
  • as triage tents during pandemics
  • as command centres for any operation

The foldable medical tents are real all-rounders and a great help not only to paramedics and first aiders, but also to the police, armed forces, water or mountain rescuers. In an emergency and during large-scale exercises. During day and at night. At any time of the year.

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Waterproof Waterproof
Durable Durable
Wind-Tough Wind-Tough
Fire Retardant Fire Retardant
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