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Canopy tent lighting

The On-the-Go Lighting Solution for Your Canopy Tent

Dimmable light, modern design

LED lighting system

Sleek, low-profile LED lights specifically designed for your Ecotent frame.

Wherever you take your Ecotent - or wherever your business takes you - prepare with the right on-the-go accessories. Keep your tent powered up as you transition from day to night.

  • Dimmable: Built-in dimmer switch for just the right amount of light.
  • Easy, Flexible Install: Quick-snap clips attach lights to your tent frame. Easily adjust placement, moving lights around on the tent frame to best illuminate your space. Point down for direct lighting or install facing upwards for a softer touch.
  • Battery Operational: When you can't be dependent on power, plug into the companion battery pack.


Pair your canopy tent lighting with a rechargeable battery pack. The on-the-go power bank includes power sources for your tent lights, a USB outlet, and a visible charge display. When in use, store the battery pack in its waterproof cover bag equipped with a clip for easy attachment to your tent frame.

Packed with 6-14 hours of power, depending on output.

*Plug types will correspond to the country of order. All United States orders will feature the appropriate Type A plug.


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What is included with the LED Lighting System?
How do I attach the LED lighting system to the canopy tent?
How do I use the battery for the LED lighting system?
What does the scope of delivery of the LED battery include?

What is included with the LED Lighting System?

Your on-the-go lighting solution

LED Lighting System Kit

The Ecotent LED Lighting System includes:

  • 1x Storage Bag - equipped with internal roll-up storage sleeve
  • 1x Set of 4 LED Light Bars
  • Mounting Clips - a full set pre-mounted on each light bar and extras included in the case
  • 1x Connection Cable - equipped with dimmer switch

How do I attach the LED lighting system to the canopy tent?

5 simple steps

Assembly instructions for the canopy tent LED lighting system

  1. Using the plastic clips, attach the four LED strips to each of the central roof supports. Ensure the lighting strip equipped with the connection cable is aligned with the power outlet.
  2. Connect the LED strip to the spiral cable or the battery (additional accessory) and close the protective cap.
  3. Now, connect the spiral cable to the power supply and make sure it runs above the
  4. Set the desired brightness using the dimmer.
  5. Unplug the power cord after use. When transporting the canopy tent, we recommend removing the LED lighting system from the tent frame to avoid damage during transport.

How do I use the battery for the LED lighting system?

Simple and intuitive

Instructions for the LED lighting system battery

  1. If you're using the lighting for the first time or if it's been more than three months since your last use, begin by charging the lithium-ion battery.
  2. Next, connect one end of the cable to the rechargeable battery. To adjust the brightness, attach the other end to the spiral dimmer cable or wire it directly to the LED lighting strips.
  3. Turn on the battery by turning the switch to the "I" setting.
  4. Place the battery in the bag and attach it to the tent frame using the included clips.

What does the scope of delivery of the LED battery include?

Everything you need

Battery for canopy tent LED strips

The accessory includes:

1x rechargeable lithium-ion battery
1x black bag with clip
1x connection cable
1x charging cable

Energy savings • Energy savings •

Go green, go LED. Did you know that LED lighting systems consume 80% less energy than conventional lighting systems?

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