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Colorful canopy tents

Textiles for canopy tents in many different colors

Wide Color Range Wide Color Range
100% Waterproof 100% Waterproof
Fire-Retardant Fire-Retardant
UV Protection UV Protection
only with ecotent®

Various textiles, 15 colors

Choose from a range of waterproof and UV-resistant textiles designed for different uses and needs.
All our fabrics are available in a range of colors. From the bright and vibrant Oxford fabrics to the matt and natural Recycling fabrics. They can all be customized with different types of printing!

Repurposing PET Plastics

100% Recycled Material

Our Recycling fabric is a real statement for sustainability. This textile for canopy tents is made from 100 % recycled polyester, partly consisting of old PET bottles. By offering this fabric, we are not producing any new material and we are helping to reduce plastic waste that would otherwise end up in landfills or the ocean. The textile in its 3 matt colors not only allows us to be sustainable, but also to convey our sustainability through natural shades.
The Recycling fabric is environmentally friendly, but also waterproof, robust and durable. It has been certified according to the applicable Global Recycled Standard by Control Union.

The best of the best

Oxford 500D

The Oxford 500D textile is the great classic. Choose it and you are on the safe side! Here are its unique properties:

  • tear-resistant
  • fire-resistant
  • waterproof
  • durable
  • certified

If you are looking for a textile that will stand the test of time, even if it is used very often, this is the one for you. It is available in 12 great colors and can be customized with any type of print.

Let’s have a look at the price

Oxford 250D

The Oxford 250D textile is the best solution for those who do not use their canopy tent every day and want to save some money. 
Also this is a high quality polyester fabric that is lighter and thinner than Oxford 500D. Nevertheless, it is still fireproof, waterproof and durable. If you use your canopy tent occasionally, you can confidently rely on this fabric and benefit from the attractive price.

The smallest price

Non fire-retardant Oxford 250D

For those looking for a canopy tent at a small price for a private location where the fire resistance of the canopy tent does not need to be certified, the non fire-retardant textile Oxford 250D is a good choice. It has the same properties in terms of waterproofness and resistance as Oxford 250D. Therefore, we recommend it for occasional use where the canopy tent is not exposed to direct heat sources.  Its big advantage? Its price is unbeatable!

100 % waterproof

WATERPROOF textiles for canopy tents

Whichever fabric you choose, you can be sure that it is completely waterproof. We have tested them all and tests showed that they all have a water column ranging between 47" and 79" and therefore fully exceed the required standards.
What's more: all seams are made of impregnated, waterproof threads!

12 Radiant colors

A white canopy tent? No thanks

Choose from our 12 Pantone® colors the one that appeals to you most! If you can't find the right one, that's no problem either, we'll print your favourite color by means of sublimation printing.

Red PMS 200C
Light gray PMS 441 C
Ecru PMS 482 C
Bordeaux PMS 504C
Dark blue PMS 4154 C
Light blue PMS 7693 C
Green PMS 349 C
Yellow PMS 123 C
Orange PMS 7579C
3 matt colors 

environmentally friendly canopy tents

Choose sustainability and express it! The colors of our Recycling fabric, made from 100 % recycled materials, reflect nature.

Olive PMS 7763 C
Stone PMS Cool Gray 8 C
Sand PMS 4248 C
 UFP 50+ • UFP 50+ • UFP 50+ • UFP 50+ •

No mercy for the sun's harmful rays! All our canopy tent textiles have a UV protection factor of UPF 50+, the highest achievable value on the scale, which guarantees that you, your customers or your products will always be protected from the ultraviolet rays!

technical data at a glance

our textiles in comparison

    Oxford 500D Recycling Oxford 250D
Composition   Polyester polymers + PU coating Recycled polyester polymers + PU coating Polyester polymers + PU coating
Thread count   500 den 600 den 250 den
Weight   7.7 oz/ft2 8.8 oz/ft2 5.6 oz/ft2

Fatigue strength


(ISO 13934-1:1999 - average of 5 levels each)

Warp: 2.030 N/2"

Weft: 1.577 N/2"

Warp: 1.750 N/2"

Weft: 1.450 N/2"

Warp: 1.198 N/2"
Weft: 815 N/2"

Water column

DIN EN 20811




Light fastness Blue scale - DIN EN ISO 105-B02

4.5-6.5 (of max. 8)

3-4 (of max. 8)

4.5-6.5 (of max. 8)

Coating   water-repellent water-repellent water-repellent
Fire protection class  DIN EN 13501-1: 2018 B - s1, d0 (flame retardant) non fire-retardant B - s1, d0 (flame retardant)* 
UV protection DIN EN 13758-1 UPF 50+ UPF 50+ UPF 50+
Colours   12 Pantone® colours 3 matt Pantone®-colours 12 Pantone® colours
Printing   Sublimation, thermal transfer and screen printing Thermal transfer and screen printing Thermal transfer and screen printing

*The Oxford 250D textile is also available in a non fire-retardant version. All other properties and technical characteristics remain unchanged.

Extensive Warranties Extensive Warranties
High Quality on a Budget High Quality on a Budget
Sustainable Sustainable
Personalization Personalization
the questions that many ask
Can canopy tent fabrics be personalized?
How much does a white canopy tent cost? And a colored one?
In addition to the standard colors, can I select other colors for a canopy tent as well?
Does the price of the canopy tent change depending on the type of textile?
Do you also produce canopy tents made of PVC?

Can canopy tent fabrics be personalized?

Yes, completely.

Customizable canopy tent fabrics

All our canopy tent fabrics can be printed individually. The Oxford 500D textile can even be personalized with full sublimation printing, allowing photos and graphics to be printed in the highest quality. The Oxford 250D fabric (fire-retardant and non fire-retardant), as well as our recycled fabrics, can be personalized with logos and lettering thanks to thermal transfer or screen printing.

How much does a white canopy tent cost? And a colored one?

Many colors, same price

The color changes, but not the price

Whether you choose a white canopy tent or one in one of our 15 standard colors, the price remains the same. You can choose the color according to your taste and style to stand out from the rest!
If you choose a personalized color, we will print your canopy tent by means of the sublimation printing technique. Please bear in mind that this results in higher costs.

Configure now

In addition to the standard colors, can I select other colors for a canopy tent as well?

That’s exactly how it is

Choose an individual color for your canopy tent

Thanks to sublimation printing, any desired color can be printed on a white textile. Sublimation printing ensures that the ink penetrates deep into the textile and thus the color does not fade.

Does the price of the canopy tent change depending on the type of textile?

For every budget

Different fabrics for different applications

To offer you several options in terms of price, you can choose from different fabrics. For those who don't use their canopy tent often and therefore don't need the highest quality, the more economic fabrics such as Oxford 250D and the non fire-retardant Oxford 250D are a solid solution. For those who see their canopy tent as a real investment in the future and want to ensure its longevity over the years, even if it is used frequently, Oxford 500D is the slightly more expensive but definitely wiser choice. And for those who value environmental protection and want to be consistent in their choice as well as show and communicate their sustainable orientation, our Recycling fabric is the best option. In our design center you will find all the prices of our textiles for the different tent sizes. Just click on the link below, choose the size and you will see that the price below varies depending on the type of fabric chosen. 

To the configurator

Do you also produce canopy tents made of PVC?

No, because we only want the best for you.

That's why we only offer high-quality tents made of polyester.

With our products, we always attach great importance to high quality, but also the visual aspect is of great importance to us. That is why we only offer canopy tents made of high-quality polyester and only use PVC for extras such as sidewall reinforcements, for transparent sidewall windows, as well as some accessories such as transport bags.
With the same weight and thickness, polyester and PVC are equivalent in terms of resistance. The appearance makes the difference! PVC has a very plastic and rather cheap look. Polyester, on the other hand, with its interwoven fabric, looks like a high-quality, well-groomed textile. In addition, all printing techniques have a longer life and look better on polyester fabrics than on PVC.

Let's start a project!

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