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Practical and decorative

Balcony tents for your favourite spot

Waterproof balcony canopy tents for cozy hours

A short escape from everyday life? To your personal place? To your cozy oasis of peace? We make it possible, because foldable balcony tents are a practical solution.

They not only give your personal retreat a very special touch, but also serve as safe protection from the sun and rain. They are 100 % waterproof, stable and offer you reliable UV protection. In just 2 minutes they can be set up without any tools and fastened without drilling. Find the right canopy tent size and color for your balcony! Our canopy tents also impress with European production quality.

The best about it? As manufacturer, we are able to guarantee a top price-performance ratio and short delivery times. Directly from our production halls to your balcony. The journey could not be any shorter.

In only 2 minutes

Balcony Gazebo Set-Up

Ready to use in no time at all. Our balcony tents can be set up in just 2 minutes, in just a few steps and without any tools. Open the bag, put up the tent - and everything is ready.

The set-up explained in detail

Mobile balcony tents for sun and rain protection

Who wants to eat in the blazing midday sun? Or have their barbecue in the rain? Probably no one. Therefore, balcony tents should be 100 % waterproof and have a UV protection. This is what our canopy tents offer you. They are all waterproof and have sufficient UV protection in order to be used as reliable sun and rain protection.

You would like to open it today and close it tomorrow? No problem. The mobile construction of our canopy tents guarantees you the maximum flexibility. Set them up on cool summer evenings, windy autumn days or unexpected weather changes and close them when the first rays of sunshine warm you in spring. Ideal for people who love independence and quality.

And if they are not in use for longer periods? Thanks to the compact packing dimensions, all balcony tents can be stored almost anywhere to save space.

leave no trace

Securing balcony tents without drilling? We have what you are looking for

Are you looking for a balcony tent for long periods of use? But you don't want to damage your balcony by drilling holes to fix the canopy tent? Bingo. We have exactly what you are looking for. Our sturdy canopy tents can be easily fastened with weights. Quick, safe and stable. No drilling required. Reliable in wind and bad weather. 365 days a year.

See all anchoring methods
easy decision

Weights for balcony tents

Windy times are approaching? Don't worry. The matching weights and tension straps provide the necessary stability. Safe and solid.

Everything about the weights
for every balcony

Narrow canopy tents for your balcony

For small balconies, we also offer the suitable canopy tent size. While owners of large terraces and balconies are not restricted in their choice of size, owners of smaller balconies can only choose narrow balcony tents.

Discover all sizes
Holiday feelings on the balcony

A 10x6.5 ft canopy tent for your balcony

Very popular. A frequently chosen size for balcony tents is the 10x6.5 ft canopy tent. Thanks to its narrow size, it is perfect for small balconies. Nevertheless, with a covered area of 6 m² it offers enough space for your mini lounge.

To the 10x6.5 ft canopy tent
something for everyone

1 brand, 3 quality series of balcony tents

Depending on the duration and frequency of use, we offer 3 series. In the usual quality and for every budget. For large roof terraces. And for small city balconies.

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Our 6 sidewall models for your balcony tent

Are you looking for matching sidewalls for your balcony tent? As a windbreak or even as a privacy screen? No problem at all. Our sidewall models offer you countless possibilities for your canopy tent. Completely closed. With a window. Or even with a door. All models can be attached quickly and easily with Velcro fasteners. Without any tools. In just a few simple steps.

optimal visibility & wind protection

Closed sidewall

Classic. Attached in no time with Velcro straps, the closed side panel is a popular accessory option. On the one hand, it offers all-round protection from wind and weather, on the other hand, it creates additional printable advertising space.

Open Sesame

side panel with door

Come on in! The side panel with roller door invites customers or guests to step inside the canopy tent. The door can be completely opened and rolled up from the inside as well as from the outside by means of two zips.

Everything in view

Sides with window

Beautiful views. The side panel with PVC window allows you to look outside while it protects you from wind and weather. Thanks to the large panorama window, the canopy tent appears brighter and larger, creating an inviting atmosphere.

At waist level

Half-height sidewall

Ideal height. The half-height side panel enables direct customer contact at eye level. About one metre high, it is perfect for sales and trade fair stands. The crossbar with keder profile ensures a simple and stable attachment.

to the good times

side panel with counter

Even more capacity. Quickly assembled and fixed to the tent structure, the counter with its galvanized steel frame and glazed, wooden top is the perfect accessory for catering and event tents.

elegant, on all sides

Corner curtain

Festive. Add an elegant touch to your canopy tent with corner curtains. Ideal for festive occasions - from birthday parties to wedding celebrations.

balcony or not balcony?

Balcony tents versatile in their use

Do you want to move your balcony tent into the garden for your birthday party? Or lend it to a friend for an outdoor dinner? No problem. Thanks to the compact packing dimensions, the easy handling and the space-saving transport, your canopy tent can be used anywhere. At any time. At any place. Whether as a garden tent, as a pool tent or even as a smoking tent. Canopy tents are true all-round talents. Mobile, flexible, convertible.

Conspicuous or not?

15 colours, your choice

Boring is not your thing? Neither is ours. Choose your favourite from 15 fabric colors for the roof and sidewalls. In matching colors? Or do you prefer different colors? You are spoilt for choice.

Discover all colors
for every size

Useful accessories for your balcony tent

Do you need something else? Numerous accessory options make your balcony tent the perfect all-rounder. Lighting systems for late hours? Radiant heaters for cozy hours on cool days? Or rain gutters for bad weather? We have everything you are looking for. In addition to the classic accessories, we also have elegant corner curtains in our range that will turn your balcony tent into a real eye-catcher. There is something that fits every balcony tent. That’s for sure.

Discover all accessories

Sturdy balcony tents 

Ecotent® is a solid company with several decades ofmanufacturing experience and know-how. With state-of-the-art technologies and innovative ideas. The result? A stable balcony tent, which is something to be proud of. They are tested and certified. Comprehensive service and guaranteed spare parts round off the overall package. Also you can trust our experience and our canopy tents of which we have already sold thousands. Safe and solid.

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