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How do we produce our  canopy tents?

From a selection of high-quality materials to best in class manufacturing, our products embody the best of decades of expertise for long-lasting canopy tents.

Made in Europe・Made in Europe・

We process our aluminum structures and all fabrics for our Ecotent® canopy tents in our two production facilities in Italy and Romania. 

Sewn by hand with precision

The roof

  1. Velcro fasteners: 
    Adjustable velcro fasteners at the corners of our canopy tents ensure a perfect fit without wrinkles. The advantages? Your custom logo is always clearly visible, water slides right off and the appearance of your canopy tent is always professional.
    With our E1 and E2 canopy tent series we match the velcro to the color of the roof. This small detail makes all the difference in your brand’s professional appearance. 
    In order to increase the longevity of our canopy tents and give you the best value, we have equipped all our tent roofs with 500D Oxford reinforcements where the aluminum frame structure comes into contact with the fabric. By reinforcing the canopy’s fabric, wear and tear is minimal and by matching the color of these reinforcements to the roof, the look remains seanless.
    For a professional look, all borders and seams of our canopy tents have the same color as the fabric you choose.

1. Velcro fastener
2. Velcro straps
3. Roof reinforcement
4. Matching colors
We leave nothing to chance

Our Textiles: The Technical Details

Our canopy tents are made using professional-grade fabrics with top of the line weatherproofing technology. Experienced seamstresses and tailors then transform these fabrics into Ecotent’s canopy roofs that you can count on regardless of the weather or occasion. 


Water column up to 79"

100 % waterproof textiles

Our textiles have been tested according to the European standard EN 20811, which determines the behaviour of the textile under gradually increasing hydrostatic pressure. It verifies the pressure limit at which the water penetrates the textile. As soon as the first drops penetrate the fabric, the test is terminated and the determined value is thus the water column value. The result: Ecotent® fabrics withstand a water column of 79" and are therefore 100 % waterproof. 
Don't let bad weather spoil your mood and just let the rain roll off!

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Oxford 500D and 250D

Fire-retardant textiles

Our Oxford 500D and Oxford 250D textiles have been tested and certified for fire resistance by the renowned institute Efectis Nederland BV. In accordance with the European standard EN 13501-1:2018, they have been assigned to the fire protection class B - s1, d0 and are therefore considered flame retardant.Why is this important?
At certain events, especially public events, organizers usually require a certificate proving the fire resistance of the textiles. This is exactly what you get when you buy an Ecotent® canopy tent. Of course, direct contact with open flames must always be avoided.

UFP 50+

Textiles with UV protection

Ultraviolet rays can not only be uncomfortable because of the heat, they can also be extremely harmful to your health and seriously damage your products. Our textiles for canopy tents have a UV protection value of UPF 50+, the highest achievable value on the scale. This guarantees that you, your customers and your products will always be protected from ultraviolet rays! Of course, we had this tested and our textiles passed this test with ease.

Long lasting colors

Lightfast colors

When we talk about the durability of our canopy tents, we also refer to the color fastness of the textiles. In accordance with the European standards DIN EN ISO 105-B02 and DIN EN ISO 105-A02, our textiles have been given a blue scale of 4.5-6.5 out of a maximum of 8 and a gray scale of 3.5 out of a maximum of 5 marks. These standards specify a test method for determining the color resistance of textiles of all types and in all states of processing. They are tested under artificial light conditions corresponding to natural daylight. Our textiles passed with flying colors even in prolonged sunlight.

TÜV, REACH, Global Recycled Standard

European certificates of conformity and safety

All our textiles have been tested and certified for the most important conformity and safety certificates in Europe:All canopy tents are TÜV-certified (product certification).All materials used in the production of the canopy tents are REACH-compliant.
 Further tests have been carried out by independent international bodies to prove the sustainability of our recycled fabric:Our “Recycling” fabric  has been certified according to the applicable Global Recycled Standard by Control Union.

Recycled Bags・Recycled Bags・

Our sewing department turns leftover tent fabric, generated during Ecotent's production process, into drawstring bags to reduce waste as much as possible. Everyone that buys a canopy tent gets one for free! 

Light, stable and corrosion-resistant

The aluminum structure

    Rubber caps protect the canopy tent's hinged poles and roof from damage during transport. This small detail extends the life of your canopy and is a testimate to our quality. 

    High stability with low weight. Aluminum is lightweight, but that doesn't mean it isn't strong! The ribbed square profile gives your canopy tent added stability.

    The rectangular foot plates of our canopy tents, which are made of either galvanised steel or aluminum depending on the series, allow your canopy tent to stand firmly on the ground no matter the surface.

  4. CORNER CLIP (E1):
    Clips attached to the corner posts of our canopy tents allow the roof to fasten to the metal structure and the fabric to sustain tension. Having continuous tension allows logos and letterings to remain clearly visible and overall gives a more professional appearance.

    The tent legs of our E1 folding canopy tents measure 46 x 56.5 mm and have a wall thickness of 2.5 mm. The hinged poles and other elements of the E1 structure measure 1.1"x 0.5" and are 0.1” thick, making them extremely sturdy. 

1. Rubber caps
2. Ribbed aluminum profile
3. Foot plate
4. Corner clip
5. Hinged pole

aluminum and its properties

We only use anodised 6060 aluminum from Italy and process it directly at our site in South Tyrol. This special aluminum alloy is resistant to corrosion and is easy to weld to create strong frames.Thanks to the anodising process our canopy frames also have a matte look that not only looks good, but provides additional resistance to wear and tear from regular use and the elements. 

5 ingenious details for an easy assembly


    We designed our canopy tents to be easy to dismantle without the risk of jamming your fingers. Buttons on the corner posts help take down the canopy tent effortlessly. Simply press each button lightly to unlock the corner slider and the tent can be closed.

    All moving parts of Ecotent’s aluminum structure (E1, E2) have plastic glides that counteract friction and make for smooth assembly and disassembly.

    Ecotent’s easy set-up mechanism uses a spring bolt integrated in the aluminum profile. Simply press and the tent legs can be extended with minimal effort.

    The height of our E1 and E2 canopy tent legs can be adjusted by 2-3 levels. This feature is useful for erecting your tent on sloping terrain or if your location has height restrictions.

    Ecotent uses a patented bolt system that connects individual parts of the aluminum structure without the use of screws. In the event of damage to your tent, this allows for spare parts to be installed without the use of tools. 

1. Push button
2. Plastic glides
3. Easy set-up mechanism
4. Height adjustability
5. Bolt system
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