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multi-tent systems

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11 Standard Sizes, Endless Possibilities

Thanks to the modular system, our canopy tents can be extended as required and flexibly adapted to event day needs. Special connecting clamps make it easy to connect several canopy tents so that you can also cover larger areas efficiently and with little effort.

To keep everyone dry even in bad weather, simply bridge the gaps between the roofs with multi-tent rain gutters. Available in 12 colors and with one or two outlet spouts. Create interior dividers with flexible sidewalls in a variety of styles.

With our modular accessories, large and complex event needs can quickly be outfitted with quick, mobile solutions.

multi-tent system accessories


Take your pick of multi-tent accessories based on your plans and location. Central connecting panels bridge the gap between tents while connecting clamps hold tents together in place. 

Base weights and anchor kits offer flexible securing options based on ground conditions.

Rain gutter
Connecting Panel
Connecting Clamp
Befestigungskit 6er Set
Ground Anchors
15 Colors • Printable •

Multi-tent connecting panels are available in our array of fabric colors to match your tent roof and sidewalls. To blend with custom designs, these fabric panels can also be printed, offering seamless printing from one sidewall and tent to the next. 


Likewise, multi-tent rain gutters are also available in our range of standard PVC fabric colors. 


How do I mount my rain gutters, connectors, and clamps onto my tent?

Like all Ecotent products, our multi-tent accessories are designed for ease of use.

Fabric accessories like the connecting panels and tent sidewalls quickly attach around the tent leg and to the roof with heavy-duty velcro. Likewise, rain gutters attach via velcro to the interior of the tent's valance. With your choice of one or two outlet spouts, the rain gutter completely covers the vertical gap between tents, keeping you and your guests dry.

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