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waterproof canopy tent

Outdoor rainproof canopy tent

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Everything you need to know about our waterproof canopy tents

The weather is unpredictable, and the only way to always have peace of mind is to use fully waterproof canopy tents. A water-repellent shelter isn’t enough and, on the wettest days, waterproofness is an essential requirement.
Confused by the terms? That’s what we’re here for. 

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water-resistant, water-repellent or waterproof canopy tent

Which canopy tent is most rainproof?

Waterproof, water-repellent or water-resistant. What is the difference?

These three terms are often used as synonyms for each other, but they actually indicate quite different properties.

  • Water-repellent: water-repellent textiles initially allow water to slide off the roof surface. Raindrops do not immediately penetrate the textile’s interior, but after a short time the water will begin to infiltrate the textile and pass through it. Therefore, a water-repellent canopy tent cannot be used in continuous or heavy rain.
  • Water-resistant: water-resistant canopy tents are made of a very tightly woven textile, through which water passes with great difficulty. However, even then, if the rain is heavy or long-lasting, the water will pass through the textile, falling even under the canopy tent.
  • Waterproof: waterproof canopy tents are the only canopy tents that do not allow drops of water to pass through the textile in any weather condition. This means that only they can offer complete protection from water inside the canopy tent and make it impossible for rain to penetrate by combining a tightly woven textiles with a special waterproof coating.

When purchasing your next canopy tent, remember to make sure it’s truly waterproof!

Understanding the water column and hydrostatic pressure

waterproof canopy tent tarp

The water column indicates the pressure at which a material lets water pass through it. To test the waterproofness of a textile, a so-called hydrostatic pressure test is performed. A cylinder is placed on the canopy tent textile and is then gradually filled with water. The water pressure starts at zero and then increases by 10 mm per second. The test stops as soon as the third drop penetrates the textile and is visible on the inside.

Calculation example: if, after 10 minutes, the textile lets through exactly three drops of water, i.e., 1000 mm, the test is over and the textile has a water column value of 1000 mm.

As a rule of thumb, consider that: the higher the water column, the more waterproof the textile.

what is the minimum water column for a canopy tent to be considered waterproof?

when is a canopy tent tarp waterproof?

According to European standard EN 343:2003, class 2 textiles with a water column of 800 mm or more and class 3 textiles with a water column of 1300 mm or more are considered waterproof. When it comes to canopy tents, however, these are considered waterproof only from a water column value of at least 1500 mm. Also, weak points of many canopy tents are their seams, so it’s always very important to ask about this and make sure that these are waterproofed as well. 

tested, certified and guaranteed

The test results on our canopy tents

Want to be on the safe side? So do we. We attach special importance to selecting high-quality materials and also have them tested. We regularly have our textiles tested for waterproofness by renowned international research centers. This is the only way we can say with certainty that our canopy tents are 100% waterproof; in fact, our Oxford textiles withstand water columns of 1600 to 2000 mm. Anything over 1500 mm is already completely waterproof, but we wanted to take safety to an even higher level!

Another thing that sets us apart are our seams, which are completely waterproofed, leaving no room for even the smallest drop of water.
These are small details, yet they make a big difference.

Warranties and certificates

10x10ft waterproof canopy tent

The right one for any weather conditions. The 10x10 ft waterproof canopy tent is the most popular of all our canopy tents. Why? Because it is small enough to be positioned anywhere and large enough to provide shelter for everyone. With 100% waterproof textiles, you and your guests are guaranteed to stay dry. Of course, our 10x10 ft waterproof canopy tent is available in all colors, with matching sidewalls and smart accessories.

to the 10x10ft
always a crowd-pleaser

10x6.5, 13x13 and 10x20ft waterproof canopy tents

All our canopy tents are waterproof, so you can choose any of our 11 canopy tent sizes and also join them together using our multi-tent system which means that rainwater cannot even penetrate between one canopy tent and another thanks to our rain gutters and connecting walls.
Experience tells us that the 10x6.5ft, 13x13ft and 10x20ft sizes are particularly well-suited to outdoor use at events, markets and festivals. In addition, when choosing from our three high-quality lines, you’re sure to find the perfect canopy tent for your needs!

Check out all our sizes
The all-round solution

waterproof canopy tents with sidewalls

Safe and dry. Our waterproof canopy tents with sidewalls offer perfect all-around protection. Unpack, fasten and you’re done. Naturally, our sidewalls are 100% waterproof as well, whether closed, with doors or with windows. 

optimal visibility & wind protection

Closed sidewall

Classic. Attached in no time with Velcro straps, the closed side panel is a popular accessory option. On the one hand, it offers all-round protection from wind and weather, on the other hand, it creates additional printable advertising space.

Open Sesame

side panel with door

Come on in! The side panel with roller door invites customers or guests to step inside the canopy tent. The door can be completely opened and rolled up from the inside as well as from the outside by means of two zips.

Everything in view

Sides with window

Beautiful views. The side panel with PVC window allows you to look outside while it protects you from wind and weather. Thanks to the large panorama window, the canopy tent appears brighter and larger, creating an inviting atmosphere.

At waist level

Half-height sidewall

Ideal height. The half-height side panel enables direct customer contact at eye level. About one metre high, it is perfect for sales and trade fair stands. The crossbar with keder profile ensures a simple and stable attachment.

to the good times

side panel with counter

Even more capacity. Quickly assembled and fixed to the tent structure, the counter with its galvanized steel frame and glazed, wooden top is the perfect accessory for catering and event tents.

elegant, on all sides

Corner curtain

Festive. Add an elegant touch to your canopy tent with corner curtains. Ideal for festive occasions - from birthday parties to wedding celebrations.

100% waterproof
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