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Fire PROOF canopy tent

Canopy Tents with B1 fire retardant certification complying with DIN 4102


Fire retardant canopy tent

Fire retardant canopy tent tarp

Our textiles are all of the highest quality, extremely durable, waterproof and made especially for canopy tent coverings. In particular, our Oxford 500D and 250D textiles are processed with custom-made chemicals that make them fire retardant. To demonstrate the effectiveness of this process, we have our textiles regularly tested by specialist external bodies, and the results continue to confirm and certify that our tarps are flame retardant in accordance with European fire protection class B1, complying with EU standard EN 13501 - 1:2018, i.e., class 1 non-flammable combustible material according to the Decree of the Italian Ministry of the Interior of June 26 1984, valid in Italy.
Fire retardant textiles are available for both the roof and sidewalls of the canopy tent. 

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B1 fire retardant canopy tent certification

The B1 classification describes a specific property, namely fire protection against the spread of fire. this means that materials in this class do not continue to burn independently after removal of an ignition source.

Whether an events or show is held indoors or out, we recommend using canopy tents classified as fire retardant under class B1. This way, you avoid unnecessary risks to yourself and others. In addition, many trade show organizations and city councils require submission of a fire protection certificate for the roof as standard. It is therefore important to choose a fire retardant tent and ensure that the manufacturer has a valid certificate issued by an authorized body.

If the tests and certificates provided by Ecotent® still do not satisfy you, trust the experience of others! Many teams of firefighters and rescue services are already using our certified canopy tents.
The catering industry and private users can also benefit a lot from increased safety: cigarettes, candles, lights and certified heaters will no longer be a cause for concern.

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Configure the size you want: choose our 500D Oxford or 250D fire retardant Oxford textile and rest easy. Roof and sidewalls will be made from certified fire retardant materials and you can customize them however you like!

You worry about configuration and we’ll take care of certification.

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Certified canopy tent fire protection

Accredited testing institutes test and grade our products according to applicable fire resistance standards. During testing, 1-metre-long textile samples are burned by direct flame contact at the lower end for 10 minutes, after which the maximum height reached by the flame is measured. In addition, the development of heat and smoke during combustion is measured. To successfully pass the test for level B1 under EU standard EN 13501 - 1:2018, the sample must not be shorter than 15 cm at the end of the test. During this test, an ancillary classification for smoke production and dripping is also carried out, and our textiles obtained the lowest (i.e., best) possible level in this case as well: s1 and d0 respectively.

The final overall classification obtained and certified is therefore flame retardant B, s1, d0 complying with DIN EN 13501-1 and not readily flammable class 2 in accordance with Decree of the Italian Ministry of the Interior of 26/06/84. This level meets the standards required by city councils and trade show and event organizations for roofing materials. 

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10x10ft fire retardant canopy tent

Naturally, our fire retardant textiles can be adapted to any size, but the 10x10ft fire retardant canopy tent is always the most popular, due both to its various possible applications and to its technical features. Indeed, this is a particularly versatile size that is easy to transport and, at the same time, extremely strong and durable. In addition, thanks to our multi-tent system, several canopy tents can be combined to create new shapes and sizes.

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