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Racing Canopy - maximum user-friendliness on the track

Ecotent® Easy Up Race Tents

Lightning-fast on the track, too. Race tents are an essential companion for any track or road sports team. Ready to use in just two minutes, they’re a must-have for any motorsport. Mobile, versatile, customizable and user-friendly. The qualifying features? Top quality for maximum longevity, even for frequent use. Our race tents satisfy our customers with European quality and top value for money. Always in pole position, regardless of weather and location.

Something for everyone

The right size for your race tents

11 sizes, all with compact pack size. Our canopy tents are available in different sizes depending on your needs and main application. Find the one best suited to your team and vehicle.

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The most popular classics in the field of two-wheeled sports? Easily the 10x10ft canopy tent. However, our 10x15ft and 10x20ft tents are also good contenders, especially for larger teams or bigger trips away. Why? Because their maneuverability, user-friendliness, ease of transport and personalized design make them perfect partners both on and off the track. In addition, their weight and small pack size make them easy to transport and store with no space issues.

In pole position
Must endure in all situations

Essential qualities in a race tent

The potential applications of a race tent are versatile and individual, yet the requirements are always the same. Thanks to the experience we’ve accumulated over decades in manufacturing and sales, we know what’s important in paddock canopy tents.

  1. Quick and easy set-up, preferably with no tools. That way, there’s nothing to stop you from setting it up in seconds, with no risk of components going astray.
  2. 100% waterproofness: to enable you to use your canopy tent without hesitation even in the rain, it must be totally waterproof.
  3. Fire retardant materials: on the track, with hot engines and extraordinary speeds, it’s best to be on the safe side!
  4. No loose parts that can get lost: with constant changes of location, it’s preferable for race tents to be constructed in one piece.
  5. Matching sidewalls and user-friendly securing systems, making them wind-tough and weatherproof.
Start configuration
speed to rival your vehicle

tent ready to go in just two minutes

Lightning-fast. In just two minutes. Our race tents can be set up in no time, in a few easy steps and with no tools. Open the bag, set up the canopy tent, and you're done.

Set-up instructions

race tent with sides

Do you use your canopy tent not only as a shelter but also as a garage and workshop? Or as a base camp, meeting center and stand for selling merchandise to fans? Then we recommend using our user-friendly and versatile sidewalls. Our models offer countless possibilities: fully closed, with window (panoramic), with door, or half-height. Thanks to their Velcro fastening, all our models can be attached to the roof very quickly and joined together using Velcro strips or zippers. Zippers enable you to completely isolate the space inside with no need for tools, quickly and flexibly and in just a few steps.

optimal visibility & wind protection

Closed sidewall

Classic. Attached in no time with Velcro straps, the closed side panel is a popular accessory option. On the one hand, it offers all-round protection from wind and weather, on the other hand, it creates additional printable advertising space.

Open Sesame

side panel with door

Come on in! The side panel with roller door invites customers or guests to step inside the canopy tent. The door can be completely opened and rolled up from the inside as well as from the outside by means of two zips.

Everything in view

Sides with window

Beautiful views. The side panel with PVC window allows you to look outside while it protects you from wind and weather. Thanks to the large panorama window, the canopy tent appears brighter and larger, creating an inviting atmosphere.

At waist level

Half-height sidewall

Ideal height. The half-height side panel enables direct customer contact at eye level. About one metre high, it is perfect for sales and trade fair stands. The crossbar with keder profile ensures a simple and stable attachment.

to the good times

side panel with counter

Even more capacity. Quickly assembled and fixed to the tent structure, the counter with its galvanized steel frame and glazed, wooden top is the perfect accessory for catering and event tents.

Eye-catching or discreet? 

15 colors for your race tent

Monochrome? Mutli-colored? Or in your team colors? Our wide range of 15 textile colors leaves nothing to be desired. And if you need a special color, don’t hesitate to ask! We’ll make it for you using sublimation printing.

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Are you looking for maximum visibility? Both on and off the track? While standing out from the crowd? No problem. Use the large surfaces of your canopy tent as a handy advertising space. Printed with your logo, slogan, pattern or photorealistic motifs, your race tent will leave no doubt as to who owns it. Eye-catching, bold and compelling. Logos and patterns are most effective on the roof, while slogans and photos fit especially well on the sidewalls. The dedicated team at our in-house graphic design studio will help make all your wishes come true. For a strong, unique and individual impact.

All about printing
protection from any storm

100% waterproof race tents - certified quality

Stable, safe and solid. Canopy tents are very often used by people who engage in sports on two or four wheels, so we recommend the Ecotent®  E1 series. Its thicker profiles make it especially sturdy, plus it has various technical details that increase its durability.


  E1 series paddock canopy tent
Profile Anodized aluminum

Profile shape

Square with stripes
Profile diameter 46 mm
Profile thickness 2.5 mm
Waterproof Yes
Fire retardant Yes with 500D and 250D fire retardant Oxford textiles
Most popular sizes 10x10ft, 10x15ft and 10x20ft
Sidewalls Closed, with door, with window, or half-height
Colors 15 colors for roof and sidewalls
Securing systems 44lbs and22lbs weights, securing kit consisting of straps and pegs
Personalization/printing Anything is possible - from logos to printing of photorealistic motifs


Sold directly by the manufacturer

race tents that are highly stable

Looking for a race tent sold directly by the manufacturer? Featuring top quality? And at attractive prices? Then Ecotent® is the right choice. Ecotent® combines 75 years of manufacturing experience, know-how and expertise with fresh ideas and creative solutions. The result is something to be proud of. Paddock, track, motorsport and race tents to satisfy every rider and team in any situation. Top-quality European manufacturing reflected in durability and stability. What are you waiting for? Choose your paddock canopy tent and secure your pole position.

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