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10x15ft Canopy tent

Waterproof Canopy Tents 10x15 ft: Stable & Reliable

the classic - only bigger

The quality of the 10x15 ft canopy tent

Handy and reliable: The canopy tent 10x15 ft.

Not so well known, but still popular: the canopy tent 15x10 ft. With its practical size, it offers 13.5 m² of covered space. Perfect for markets, fairs and at events. Why? Because with 13.5 m² it offers space for up to 27 standing people at events. Moreover, at markets and trade fairs, it not only protects you but also your products safely from the sun and rain. Mobile, flexible, reliable. The quick assembly, the100 % waterproof fabrics and a reliable UV protection make it a loyal companion.

Equipped with sidewalls and smart accessories, the 15x10 ft canopy tent creates the perfect space under the open sky. Do you love individuality? So do we. 15 colors and various printing options leave nothing to be desired. Single-colored or motley. Brand or company logos. Advertising slogans. Even photo-realistic motifs are no problem. Convinced? Secure your 15x10 ft canopy tent now. With top price-performance ratio and short delivery times.

Sturdy Design Sturdy Design
Quick Set-Up Quick Set-Up
Tool-Free Tool-Free
Extensive Warranties Extensive Warranties
15 colorS, 2 TEXTILES

10x15ft canopy tent colors

Do you prefer a white 15x10 ft canopy tent, or a more colorful one? Maybe red, green or blue? You are spoilt for choice!

Find out more
Dark Blue
Light Gray
Dark Gray
build your 15x10ft canopy tent
2 minutes. Done.


Is it really that fast? Yes. Thanks to the innovative construction, the 10x15 ft canopy tent can be set up and taken down in just 2 minutes and in just 3 simple steps. The best about it? You don't need any tools.

technical details

the 10x15 ft canopy tent

1 Tent Size, 3 Quality Levels

Quality Level   E1 E2 E3
Frame Construction  



Leg Profile

  Square, 46mm Square, 43mm Square, 32mm
Profile Thickness   2.5mm 2mm 2mm
Truss Profile   30x15mm (2.8mm) 28.5x15mm (2mm) 28.5x15mm (2mm)
Connecting Elements   Aluminum, Rubber Cover Fiber Reinforced Nylon Fiber Reinforced Nylon
Footplate Material   Aluminum Aluminum Galvanized Steel 
Push Button Locks   ✓ Comfort Press ✓ Comfort Press ✓ Comfort Press
Corner Brackets   Fixed Position × ×
Height Adjustments   3 Levels 2 Levels 1 Level
Tent Sizing        
Entrance Height   6' 7" 6' 7" 6' 7"
Overall Peak Height  

10' 7" 

10' 7"

10' 7"

Pack Size  

19 x 14 x 61”

19 x 14 x 61"

19 x 14 x 61"





Transport Bag   ✓ Heavy-Duty PVC ✓ Heavy-Duty PVC ✓ Standard Poly
Frame Height Extensions   ✓ Up to 36" ✓ Up to 12" ×
Frame Warranty   Ltd. Lifetime Ltd. Lifetime Ltd. Lifetime
Spare Parts Guarantee   10-Year 10-Year 10-Year


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