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Express TECHNOLOGY FOR fast rescue

Emergency tent

Emergency tents for rescue teams

The siren sounds, and speed is of the essence... There’s no time to lose, not only en route but also on site. This is why civil services, first responders, firefighters and police need products and equipment that are quick to use and easy to handle for equipping their command centers and vehicles. Ecotent canopy tents continue to prove faithful and reliable partners of professional and volunteer rescue teams. Ready to use in just two minutes, 100% waterproof, stable and fireproof. Suitable for all weather conditions in any season.

Quick set-up

Ready to use in just two minutes

When time is of the essence... Our emergency tents can be set up in just two minutes in a few simple steps with no tools. Open the bag, set up the tent, and you're done - perfect for emergencies and more!

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Purchase solid emergency tents

Are you looking to purchase a emergency tent? Sturdy, 100% waterproof and fire retardant? With top quality and excellent value for money? Ecotent canopy tents fully meet these requirements, as we can guarantee thanks to the high manufacturing standards we set ourselves and our control of the entire manufacturing process which takes place within the European Union. Purchase one sold directly by the manufacturer and avoid the added costs of middlemen!

THE RIGHT SIZE FOR your rescue tent

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11 sizes of canopy tent - easy to transport!

For easy transportation and space-saving storage. Choose from a variety of emergency tent sizes to suit your needs and available space. Our most popular classics? Undoubtedly the 10x10ft, 10x15ft and 10x20ft. What do all these sizes have in common? When closed, all our canopy tents pack very small, making them extremely handy to transport!

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Safety guaranteed: E1 series canopy tents

All our canopy tents are stable and durable, but the E1 series was specially developed and manufactured for prolonged and frequent use. Designed for continual set-up and packing away and more resistant even to rough transportation. Naturally, they are all tested, certified and guaranteed. This is why we can guarantee that our E1 series is the ideal partner for rescue heroes.

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Safe and innovative

Sidewalls for medical tents

Looking for a complete solution? To keep smoke, dust, wind and prying eyes at bay, walls are the best accessory. Easy to handle, quick to set up and flexible to use. Naturally, like all our canopy tents, they are 100% waterproof and fire retardant. Extra-strong Velcro strips and an innovative zipper system allow the canopy tent to be completely closed, even around corners. For optimal all-around protection.

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Countless possible applications for emergencies and rescue teams

The major advantage of canopy tents is that they are extremely versatile and, when combined with different accessories, can be used for a variety of different applications, during emergencies to name just one. Here are some examples of the ways hundreds of emergency teams already use our canopy tents:

  • as a collection and/or distribution point for food, donations and medicines
  • as a staff room for on-site command and control
  • as a shelter for evacuees following natural disasters
  • as a relief point during large events or rallies
  • as a medical tent for injured people and patients
  • as a shelter for equipment during large-scale operations
  • as a promotional stand during trade shows and events
  • as a shelter during association parties

In short, the team will be able to use the canopy tent in different ways almost every day.

Waterproof Waterproof
Durable Durable
Wind-Tough Wind-Tough
Fire Retardant Fire Retardant
International Certificates International Certificates
Extensive Warranties Extensive Warranties
get noticed even from afar

15 colors for your emergency tent shelter

Red is definitely the best color if you want to stand out from a distance. Orange or blue are perfect for civil services, and white is ideal for a discreet presence. You can choose from 15 colors of canopy tent, matching your shelter to your team color and the application you have in mind.

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Firefighter tent

Are you looking for a canopy tent for your firefighting team? For coordination during large-scale operations? Or for international firefighting competitions? Then our 13x26ft or 13x20ft canopy tents are the right choice for you. Why? Because, despite their generous size, they are still compact and easy to transport and store. When equipped with matching sidewalls, your canopy tent becomes a perfect team shelter in no time. And if you need something bigger? No problem. Thanks to their multi-tent system, all our canopy tents can be joined together with no tools required. So you can adapt your shelter in a mobile and flexible way to any occasion and available space.

>> Sets up in no time, with no tools <<

Firefighter tents personalized with printing

Make your trade show stand, association event booth or information desk stand out! Firefighter tents are trusty partners in emergencies and can also support your team at any promotional event. If you’re looking to raise awareness among as many people as possible or attract numerous new associates, volunteers and donors, you’ll need to make your identity clear. The best way to do this is by personalizing your canopy tent with your team logo and name, and perhaps even an inspirational slogan. The sidewalls can also be printed, including with photorealistic motifs! 

nice to know

What about inflatable emergency tents?

Through our decades of working in the industry, we have found that, while inflatable emergency tents are very popular, rescue teams throughout Europe still prefer classic emergency tents. Why? Because they’re easier to handle, lighter, have a more compact pack size and, most importantly, don’t require electricity. In addition, the unpleasant background noise caused by a continuous fan exacerbates the overall chaos of the situation. Still want to find out more about inflatable canopy tents? Then you can contact our experts. Ecotent is part of the Zingerle Group, and our sister company, Mastertent, also stocks these products.

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Emergency tents with warranties and ongoing support

When you choose an Ecotent® canopy tent, you’re choosing a high-quality product sold directly by the manufacturer. In addition to top quality, superior durability and extreme stability, you’ll receive complete support and a 10-year warranty on spare parts. We’re always available, including after purchase, and committed to providing you with the best service and the best warranties.

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