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Restaurant tent

Welcome to the world of outdoor restaurants, where atmosphere is the key to success. Canopy tents are a functional addition to your business as well as an investment that can grow your business in surprising ways. Find out how a simple restaurant tent can turn the simple act of eating out into a memorable experience, charming your customers and enabling you to work in any season. 

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Our restaurant tent: a winning investment in your success

When it comes to growing your restaurant business, a key factor to consider is atmosphere. That’s where our restaurant tent comes in. It’s not merely an accessory but an investment that can make the difference between an ordinary restaurant and a memorable dining experience. Find out how a well-designed canopy tent can attract customers, increase turnover and consolidate your position in the restaurant business



Customers are not just looking for a meal: they are seeking a complete experience. With restaurant tents, you can transform your outdoor space into an oasis of relaxation and entertainment.

Ecotent’s elegant and cozy canopy tents can make your restaurant an irresistible place for al fresco dining, creating lasting memories for your customers.

Creating a good atmosphere outside your restaurant is key to delighting customers and retaining their loyalty. Here are some ideas for achieving this:

  1. Welcoming lighting: use lighting to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Candles, lanterns, dimmed lights or LED lights can be strategically placed to give your space a romantic and elegant feel.

  2. Creative equipment: invest in tables and benches and settings. Colorful napkins, designer cutlery and sophisticated placemats can transform the overall impression.

  3. Plants and greenery: incorporate plants, flowers and greenery into your outdoor space. These elements bring life and enjoyment to the environment.

  4. Ambient music: a pleasant choice of music can help create the atmosphere you want. Make sure the volume is appropriate and the genre is right for the type of experience you want to provide. Did you know that some studies show that music can even influence the perceived taste of food?

  5. Heating/ventilation: make sure the temperature is always appropriate. Baking midday sun or a chilly evening breeze could ruin the overall experience. Our many accessories include radiant heaters for canopy tents which could be ideal for you!

  6. Covered space: obviously, an outdoor space will always need to be covered, protecting customers from the weather and UV rays. So make sure your shelter is 100% waterproof and has an of UFP 50+ UV barrier.

  7. Side protection: remember to always have sidewalls with window (panoramic) at the ready. This way, even when the weather is adverse or the temperature is particularly low, you can provide outdoor shelters with indoor-level comfort.
  8. Live Entertainment: organize special events with live entertainment, such as musicians or street performers, to create a unique and engaging atmosphere. Remember to prepare a sheltered space for the performers and their equipment as well!

  9. Comfortable Furniture: make sure your outdoor furniture is comfortable and cozy. Ergonomic cushions and chairs can make all the difference to your customers’ comfort.

  10. Attentive staff: train your staff to be attentive and provide exceptional professional service. Friendly and professional staff contribute significantly to a positive atmosphere. Remember that kindness and smooth service are what customers expect and, to make yourself memorable and amaze them, you need to do more!

  11. Curiosity and originality: create surprising elements that catch the customer’s attention, such as outdoor artwork, art installations or unusual details that arouse curiosity.

  12. Maintenance: make sure your outdoor space is clean and well maintained. A cared-for environment shows attention to detail and dedication to customer comfort. This also applies to your canopy tent, which needs to be cleaned or washed from time to time. Taking care of your canopy tent means making sure it always looks new and lasts over time.

Ultimately, creating an extraordinary atmosphere outside your restaurant requires a good sheltering solution, care, attention to detail and the desire to delight customers with an unforgettable experience.



When it comes to outdoor arrangements, versatility is the key. This is why canopy tents are the best choice for your restaurant, with their ease of installation and removal and their adaptability to different occasions thanks to our many accessories and sidewalls. A fixed solution, in addition to being more costly, involves long construction times, building permits, more bureaucracy and more maintenance, with no flexibility in view of weather, number of customers and special events.

Our restaurant tents are available in 15 different colors and can be personalized as desired with the restaurant's logo or a decorative pattern. We also offer various types of textiles including our recycling fabric, made entirely from recycled polyester polymers derived from PET bottles. Ideal for those who want to look after the environment and communicate care for the planet thanks to its distinctive Sand, Olive and Stone colors.


Depending on the size of your outdoor space, you can choose from 11 standard sizes, from 5x5ft to 13x26ft, and combine them thanks to our user-friendly multi-tent system.


A restaurant tent maximizes versatile use and flexible personalization!

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Al fresco dining: restaurant tents for sun, wind, and rain

Managing an outdoor space can bring seasonal challenges, but a well-designed canopy tent is the user-friendly solution you have been looking for. Ecotent canopy tents offer shelter from the summer sun thanks to their UV protection of up to UFP 50+ and protection from unexpected showers thanks to their 100% waterproof and water-repellent textiles, making your outdoor restaurant a safe option for customers in all weather conditions and all seasons, also thanks to our sidewalls. And that’s not all: with the right ground securing, our restaurant tents can withstand winds of up to 62 mph!

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Success stories: restaurants that have revolutionized their businesses with a canopy tent

Nothing makes us happier than success stories from restaurants that have radically transformed their businesses thanks to Ecotent® restaurant tents. One example is the testimony of Kaeser, a business in the German restaurant industry, which has succeeded in:

  • increasing its number of place settings,
  • improving customer experience,
  • attracting more customers
  • and growing customer loyalty

all thanks to the introduction of a restaurant tent.

May their success inspire you to do the same for your restaurant!

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Why choose an Ecotent restaurant tent?

If you want to communicate a positive image of your restaurant, it’s important to look your best. That’s why choosing a high-quality, meticulously-designed and user-friendly canopy tent is essential.

Ecotent®, as a manufacturer, also offers:

  • lifetime warranty against corrosion of the aluminum frame
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • 10-year warranty for availability of spare parts
  • Customer service that’s always available, including after purchase
  • free, no-obligation personal consultation
  • replacement and repair service
  • numerous personalization options and an expert graphics team
  • fast, secure delivery
  • International stability and wind proofing, fire retardants and water-resistance certificates
  • ECO-Passport for sustainable inks and textiles
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